Flock to Fedora 2024 Call for Participation is Open!

This year, Flock will be held from Wednesday, August 7th to Saturday, August 10th at the Hyatt Regency Rochester in Rochester, New York, USA.

At-a-glance details about the Flock 2024 CfP:

  • Formats: Sessions, workshops, and panels are acceptable. Extra preference is given to workshops with audience participation and engagement.
  • Topics: See the tracks and themes below!
  • Openness to alternative topics: If your idea does not fit into the themes but you feel that it belongs at Flock, submit it and the reviewers will give it fair consideration.
  • Our audience: Flock is the Fedora contributor conference. These are people who help with contributions to our project. Sales pitches and commercial products are not well-received.
  • Code of Conduct: The Fedora Code of Conduct applies to both our in-person and virtual spaces. Speakers are expected to accept the Fedora Code of Conduct as a condition making a proposal.
  • Financial assistance: If you cannot afford the cost of travel to Flock, Fedora may be able to help. See the questions toward the end of the CfP about financial assistance.

All submissions will choose from the following Tracks & Themes highlighted below:


  1. General: The usual main track of Flock. Everything and anything to do with the Fedora contributor community. Presentations, talks, workshops, and more.
  2. CentOS & Friends: A dedicated track for the CentOS community and other downstream friends. This focuses more to an Enterprise Linux audience, including topics about EPEL.
  3. Mentor Summit: (Saturday, August 10th) Half-day event focused on mentoring best practices. Mentor Summit programming focuses on workshops and sessions to promote mentorship best practices and to connect mentors and mentees across the Fedora community.


  1. Accessibility (a11y): Fedora websites and docs use the current best-practices for a11y. Fedora Linux Editions use the best-available open source a11y tech. Our project tooling follows best a11y practices.
  2. Reaching the World: Fedora Linux is available pre-installed on more systems from more vendors. Fedora Linux is widely available in cloud providers and CI services. Fedora maintains a strong network of thriving local communities around the world.
  3. Community Sustainability: Everyone in Fedora can have a mentor, and everyone in Fedora can be a mentor. Modernize our communications tooling.
  4. Technology Innovation and Leadership: Fedora is a popular source for containers and Flatpaks. Atomic Desktops are the majority of Fedora Linux desktops in daily use. We integrate programming language stack ecosystems.
  5. Editions, Spins, and Interests: Each Edition has a story for each release. It’s trivial to create and maintain a new Fedora Spin or Remix. More (active) SIGs, fewer images.
  6. Ecosystem Connections: Better collaborative workflow with CentOS Stream. Get people working on downstreams directly involved in Fedora as an upstream. Collaborate on tooling, practices, and offerings with peer distros and upstream projects.

See the original Flock 2024 announcement and the Flock 2024 website for more details about the venue and the forthcoming hotel reservation block.

Need help? Email flock-staff@fedoraproject.org for questions or other help about the CFP.

You can enter proposals until 2024-04-21 23:59 (US/Eastern), 4 days, 15 hours from now.